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90 Minutes

We get no explanations when we're entering the last desperate minutes of three mens lives, all being violent to the women they love. We understand there's a reason behind the three mens reactions. What lies behind?

Run Time: 88 min Release: 2012

Director: Eva Sørhaug

Stars: Bjørn Floberg, Ola Færden, Fred Heggland, Aksel Hennie

Autumn Ball (Sügisball)

A film about the loneliness, despair and hope of six people who all live in a bleak Soviet-era apartment complex in Tallinn, Estonia.

Run Time: 127 min Release: 2007

Director: Veiko Õunpuu

Stars: Rain Tolk, Taavi Eelmaa, Juhan Ulfsak


When their son, Esben, moves out, Kjeld and Vibeke decide to relocate to a smaller home. They discover that the apartment they lived in back when they were students is up for sale and agree...

Run Time: 86 min Release: 2016

Director: Christian Tafdrup

Stars: Miri Ann Beuschel, Emilia Imperatore Bjørnvad, Anton Honik, Elliott Crosset Hove

Crying with Laughter

Let Joey Frisk tell you about the worst week of his life.

Run Time: Release: 2009

Director: Justin Molotnikov

Stars: Stephen McCole, Malcolm Shields, Andrew Neil