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Body Fat Index of Love (Rakkauden rasvaprosentti)

Stigu and Ella have a sex relationship. Stigu, secretly in love, settles for what he can get because Ella wants nothing more. Until they find themselves in a same work project - designing an advertisement for the Family Federation on sustainable relationships. It seems like mission impossible since ...

Run Time: 98 min Release: 2012

Director: Mikko Kuparinen

Stars: Mikko Nousiainen, Wanda Dubiel, Jorma Karlstedt

Once Upon a Time in Phuket (En gång i Phuket)

Sven, the average Swedish guy, bored with his life, decides to go to Thailand to write a novel and "get away from the rat race". He meets a range of peculiar characters and learns a few things about love, friendship and himself.

Run Time: 105min Release: 2011

Director: Staffan Lindberg

Stars: Peter Magnusson, Susanne Thorson, Jenny Skavlan

The Contest: To the Stars and Back

Karl a young boy living in a small town on the Danish coast has to move to Copenhagen much to his dislike. At school he is being ridiculed for his accent. However he becomes friends with ...

Run Time: 95 min Release: 2013

Director: Martin Miehe-Renard

Stars: Johanna Brüel, Sylvester Byder, Laura Christensen, Laura Drasbæk

All for One (Alle for én)

Four rogues, who were best friends as kids, have one big problem: they're sitting on both sides of the law. Martin is a policeman, while Nikolai, Ralf, and Timo can't distinguish between personal possessions and the possessions of others! When all four find themselves in a fix, they're forced to ret...

Run Time: 81 min Release: 2011

Director: Rasmus Heide

Stars: Jon Lange, Jonatan Spang, Rasmus Bjerg

My Dad is Baryshnikov (Moy papa Baryshnikov)

Moscow, 1986, the heat of Perestroika. Borya is an average clumsy teenager who is miraculously admitted to the legendary Bolshoi Ballet School. The boy is convinced that he will become a ...

Run Time: 87 min Release: 2011

Director: Dmitry Povolotsky

Stars: Vladimir Kapustin, Anatoliy Kot, Anna Mikhalkova, Marina Politseymako

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